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Create Your Own Network Drive System

Our company has huge internal demand for file exchanges. We usually did this via My Network Places, emails or even USB flash drives. These approaches, however, have their respective limitations. It's difficult to limit users' permissions via My Network Places; emails are not that convenient; while USB drives could not reach far.

So I thought of setting up an in-house FTP server. When I searched for proper FTP software, I found a better solution - to set up a network drive system.

Zolsoft Office Server is an excellent network drive management package with which you can create network drives and set up an FTP server and an Email server on your own host. You can access public and private folders on it via Internet Explorer, a client program or even Windows Explorer.

First, you need to download the latest software from They have a free edition, a professional edition and an enterprise edition. If you need to open up the services to the Internet, you can install the software on a server that has an external IP. To use it in-house, you can install it on an intranet server.

After installation, run Zolsoft Office Server Manager in which you can see a list of five services. With the Web service you can access the network drives via Internet Explorer. With the Client service you can access network drives via a client program. Click Services on the left, then right click a service on the right and select Start, the service will be started. Yes, just this simple! You can also set detailed parameters of a service like its IP address and port.

Office Server Manager

You still do not have access to the network drives now, because there is no user listed on the server yet. Click the User button to add a user, set the user's disk capacity and permitted services.

If you want to share a folder with some users (e.g. users in one department can read files in this folder while users in another can only browse it), you need to click Workgroup and create a workgroup folder, and right click in it and add users to it. Then you can set different permissions to different users.

Office Server Workgroups

Zolsoft Office Server is a simple and practical network drive tool. It supports various services. Each user has his/her own private folder, shared folder and receiving folder, and can easily exchange files with others. See below for the Web login page in Internet Explorer.

Web Mode


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