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Quick Setup of an Enterprise Office Platform

Businesses and schools often exchange files between different sections frequently, and need to store and manage them centrally. As the network administrator of a fast growing company, you may have to seek an effective and efficient management approach. Creating a common enterprise network office platform is a good choice.

My requirement for network office platform is it should be safe, easy to use and easy to manage. After some comparison, I chose Zolsoft Office Server. It supports multiple languages, multiple access methods, and can set different permissions to different users and departments. It also includes many services such as FTP, SMTP and POP3, and based on which you can create enterprise mailboxes.

This software can be downloaded from The latest version is 2010, only about 15 MB in size.

First, you need to install it on your server. When installation is complete, you will see the several services it provides. You can start one or several of them based on you needs.

Next, click User to create user accounts for all the staff in your company one by one. You can set each user's disk capacity and permitted services separately.

Finally, click Workgroup to create workgroups for different departments and add each user to the department he/she belongs to. Now, the users are allowed to access the folders of their respective departments (workgroups). You can set different permissions to different users in a workgroup. For example, some users have write permission, while some others have only read permission.

If the files stored in a workgroup are very important, I strongly suggest putting the workgroup folder on a RAID 1 drive.

Now, your users can log in to the office platform. Each user of Office Server 2010 has his/her own private folder, shared folder and receiving folder. You can access the shared folders of other users, and can save files you need to deliver to the receiver’s Receive folder.

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