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Create Your Own Network Storage Service

If you have some working documents that need to be stored from the company and continue to work on them back at home, or you have some interesting pictures to share with friends, how would you do that? I think many will choose a network storage service such as Dropbox. However, if you are the director or security consultant of a company, will you be willing to put your trade secrets in the hands of a public network storage service provider? If the answer is no, now you have a choice to create your own network storage service.

Zolsoft Office Server is a powerful multi-functional network service package that supports network drives, FTP server, SMTP server, POP3 server and so on. You can set different access permissions to different users, depending on your needs.

Zolsoft Office Server is easy to use. You can install it on your server, add users and workgroups, start the services and let it go. Note that you must add a user to a workgroup before the user can gain permissions (such as access permission) in this workgroup.

Start the Web service, open a Web browser and enter the domain name or IP address - now you can access your network storage. Click Upload to connect in and upload some files. You can read or write workgroup folders, depending on your permissions. Zolsoft Office Server features convenient file exchange between users. You can store files to other users' receiving folders, or read others' shared folders.

In addition, Zolsoft Office Server supports email. Of course, you need to enable the SMTP service and POP3 service first.

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