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Quickly Set Up a File Server

Schools, companies and other business entities often have a large number of files to be shared, stored and managed internally. Usually an office automation solution of B/S architecture is used. I have been working as a network administrator in a school. I found B/S office automation software is crap - complex, slow and poorly compatible. A general purpose file server solution is more suitable for the storage and management of large-volume documents.

Office Server Manager

Zolsoft Office Server is a powerful file server management system. It contains functions such as network storage, FTP server and mail server. You can even use it to build your own Web site.

You can download the latest Office Server 2010 from and install it on your server. Run the service manager in which you can see the services it supports. You can start and stop any service at any time.

Next, add an account for each user. Each account has its own private folder, shared folder and receiving folder that can be used to share and transfer files between users conveniently.

Then establish workgroups and add suitable users to respective workgroups. These users will now be able to access the workgroup folders.

Zolsoft Office Server supports multiple access methods. You can access the network storage space with a Web browser, in FTP mode, or with a client program. You can also send a file to all users if you want.

Office Server is a multi-purpose file server package. The only regret is the free version only supports 5 users.

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