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1. How to install Router Manager?

There are no special requirements. You can install Router Manager the same way as you install most other applications. It can be installed on a server that runs continuously for a long time, or a computer that can boot at a specific time.

Note: After installation is complete, you must configure the firewall to allow RManager.exe and RMService.exe to access the network.

2. How to add a restart task?

Click the Add button to open the New Task dialog box.

Select an action type, and click Next.

Select the model of your router or switch, fill in the IP address, port number, user name and password. Then click Next.

Now set the period and time of the scheduling and complete the New Task wizard.

Router Manager's scheduled restarts are handled by a Windows service, so even if you have closed Router Manager or haven't signed in to Windows, the restart tasks you set are still valid.

3. What if the model of my router is not in the device list?

Click the text link "The model I use is not in this list" and add your router or switch. In this dialog box, you need to know your router and the reboot link. You can log in to the router with a browser and find the link in the setup page, or you can find the reboot link by checking the source code of this page. To verify the validity of the link, you can use the Restart Now button to test whether this router can be restarted. See below for reference.

You can also send a proven router model and the reboot link to us, so we can add the model to the list.

Login your router, you can find the login link and the restart link.

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