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1. How do I save a file after a recording ?
        HiFi Recorder will automaticlly save file to a folder, and you can click the "save folder" button to specify the folder.

2. How can I change my document from WAV to MP3 ?
        Click "WAV to MP3 Converter" button to open the WAV to MP3 Converter, add your document, then press Convert.

3. How can I make the recorded sound shorted ?
        Choose the document you'd like to cut short, click the "Audio Editor".
        Press the left mouse button , at the place of recording in the Time Line. Then click "Set start marker" once, press the left mouse button ,at the place of finishing recording, click the "Set finish marker" once to choose what you want to cut, click "Cut Out" to cut your document, and click "Save As" to save the document.

4. What kind of recording format should I choose ?
        HiFi Recorder may record sound documents to WAV MP3 or WMA.
Here, I recommend MP3 because it is much smaller than WAV.
        Choose 8000Hz and 32kbps if a voice is recorded. Choose 44100Hz and 128kbps if music is recorded. You may choose higher frequency and bigger bitrate. With higher frequency and bigger bitrate, you may have more natural sound and larger document.

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